Sunday, May 19, 2013

Saturday Activities

Heyy, Ava here!

Today's been a nice day...

Got up after like 9 hours of sleep, ran for a good while as I watched cartoons...

It's the first time I've watched saturday morning cartoons in ages! 

Got my fill of Yu-Gi-Oh and Team Avengers or something...
a few of the 'old school' cartoons I watched when I was a kid are still going (like spongebob and Yu-Gi-Oh), but for the most part they are all these really weird and kinda crappy looking new ones...
For example I kept seeing ads for this new show called Sanjay and Craig. It was about an indian kid and his talking pet snake, I think. 
It just looked plain weird....I guess its good that its 'adding diversity' since its about an indian american kid? 
Lol whatevs at least my generation had semi-decent cartoons.



I finally got my prom jewelry today! 
I got these big, glittery over the top gold earrings with topaz colored crystals. Its so gaudy it should go nicely with my dress haha.

I also stopped by Claire's for the first time in forever...
They had surprisingly good stuff!

It was a bit more expensive than forever 21, but they had a huge selection! 

My image of Claire's has been jewelry for pre-teens and middle-schoolers, but they had some pretty edgy stuff...lots of cuffs for example.

I guess they're becoming a pretty popular trend :P

They had a buy two, get one free sale and I've been wanting to increase my collection so I picked up a few!

Hehe I really liked the star-circle one and the gold one, but the gold one is too big! I tried tightening it but it's still not very secure.

Overall I would recommend checking Claire's out the next time you're looking for accessories, but if possible, TRY THEM ON before you buy. :/


After prom jewelry shopping, I went to Michaels with the pops to see what they had in the ways of makeup storage/organizers...

I didn't find anything suitable there and I've been to a bunch of other places as well, and I've checked online.

I really need a better way to store my makeup seeing as right now its all either on the floor or in bins in my closet...

Just thinking about all that pretty makeup never getting to see the light of day makes me sad. :(

So ya I've been looking for storage ideas and the only decent one's I've seen are the acrylic drawers from MUJI...
They're a bit pricey though, and a bunch of their products are out of stock. :/

Does anyone have any recommendations on storage ideas? 
Is anyone even reading this lol?

Ah well, maybe I'll just buy whatever I can find in stock and make do. :3


Later, a few of my friends came over to watch the first Star Trek movie (since we have this fancy projector system), and then we went to see the second one in theaters. 

Over all it was a good movie, entertaining and with a decent plot line/emotional was a bit predictable though. 

There were so many crises where there was only one solution, and even that had a minuscule chance of success, so you knew from the beginning that obviously it had to work out! 

Still, it was fun to watch...
Benedict Cumberbatch was especially gorgeous XD

Plus, the bromance between Spock and Kirk was pretty cute 

Okk I'm getting pretty is past 3 am!

Kirk out! ;D


P.S. For anyone who's keeping track/want to know, I did good on my diet today! Really cut back on calories and only had a lindt truffle that was calling my name at the cash register at Michaels...

Mmmmm lindt truffles....why yu gotta be so delicious?? <33333
But besides that, I really didn't eat. So thats a good day one...lets see how day two of the diet turns out! X)

P.P.S. I'm thinking of trying to shorten my posts...I seem to just be rambling about everything that happened to me during the day haha.
 Maybe I'll work on making my posts short and sweet? Or maybe not since this blog has been turning into more of a diary for myself since no one else is reading lol. Well, at least it'll be nice to look back on when I'm older! ^_^

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