Sunday, May 19, 2013

Saturday Activities

Heyy, Ava here!

Today's been a nice day...

Got up after like 9 hours of sleep, ran for a good while as I watched cartoons...

It's the first time I've watched saturday morning cartoons in ages! 

Got my fill of Yu-Gi-Oh and Team Avengers or something...
a few of the 'old school' cartoons I watched when I was a kid are still going (like spongebob and Yu-Gi-Oh), but for the most part they are all these really weird and kinda crappy looking new ones...
For example I kept seeing ads for this new show called Sanjay and Craig. It was about an indian kid and his talking pet snake, I think. 
It just looked plain weird....I guess its good that its 'adding diversity' since its about an indian american kid? 
Lol whatevs at least my generation had semi-decent cartoons.



I finally got my prom jewelry today! 
I got these big, glittery over the top gold earrings with topaz colored crystals. Its so gaudy it should go nicely with my dress haha.

I also stopped by Claire's for the first time in forever...
They had surprisingly good stuff!

It was a bit more expensive than forever 21, but they had a huge selection! 

My image of Claire's has been jewelry for pre-teens and middle-schoolers, but they had some pretty edgy stuff...lots of cuffs for example.

I guess they're becoming a pretty popular trend :P

They had a buy two, get one free sale and I've been wanting to increase my collection so I picked up a few!

Hehe I really liked the star-circle one and the gold one, but the gold one is too big! I tried tightening it but it's still not very secure.

Overall I would recommend checking Claire's out the next time you're looking for accessories, but if possible, TRY THEM ON before you buy. :/


After prom jewelry shopping, I went to Michaels with the pops to see what they had in the ways of makeup storage/organizers...

I didn't find anything suitable there and I've been to a bunch of other places as well, and I've checked online.

I really need a better way to store my makeup seeing as right now its all either on the floor or in bins in my closet...

Just thinking about all that pretty makeup never getting to see the light of day makes me sad. :(

So ya I've been looking for storage ideas and the only decent one's I've seen are the acrylic drawers from MUJI...
They're a bit pricey though, and a bunch of their products are out of stock. :/

Does anyone have any recommendations on storage ideas? 
Is anyone even reading this lol?

Ah well, maybe I'll just buy whatever I can find in stock and make do. :3


Later, a few of my friends came over to watch the first Star Trek movie (since we have this fancy projector system), and then we went to see the second one in theaters. 

Over all it was a good movie, entertaining and with a decent plot line/emotional was a bit predictable though. 

There were so many crises where there was only one solution, and even that had a minuscule chance of success, so you knew from the beginning that obviously it had to work out! 

Still, it was fun to watch...
Benedict Cumberbatch was especially gorgeous XD

Plus, the bromance between Spock and Kirk was pretty cute 

Okk I'm getting pretty is past 3 am!

Kirk out! ;D


P.S. For anyone who's keeping track/want to know, I did good on my diet today! Really cut back on calories and only had a lindt truffle that was calling my name at the cash register at Michaels...

Mmmmm lindt truffles....why yu gotta be so delicious?? <33333
But besides that, I really didn't eat. So thats a good day one...lets see how day two of the diet turns out! X)

P.P.S. I'm thinking of trying to shorten my posts...I seem to just be rambling about everything that happened to me during the day haha.
 Maybe I'll work on making my posts short and sweet? Or maybe not since this blog has been turning into more of a diary for myself since no one else is reading lol. Well, at least it'll be nice to look back on when I'm older! ^_^

Friday, May 17, 2013


Heyy it's Ava!

Lookit that nice green grass...

I'm writing this from my phone!! Downloaded the blogger app so now I can blog even without my Mac! 😁😁


My posts will now be that much more expressive haha 😙

I'm watching this music video DVD thing by Yanni on our projector. He's a piano player but he plays with an orchestra and synthesizers/electronic stuffs. Idk what his genre is officially called lol. I've listened to his music all my life since my dads a big fan of his...never realized how good looking he is!! 😳😳 He totally pulls off the long hair😍😍😏

Ahh he really is quite talented though...all instrumental but still quite dynamic and exciting! I recommend you check him out! His earlier, more 'classic' stuff is better in my opinion. His newer stuff is more synthesized and kinda meh 😕.


Hehe some pics of Yanni...I think he's Greek? He was popular back in the 90s I think so now he's a bit older and rounder haha but he's still pretty. But in more of a funny, furry teddy bear way? Haha sorry if that makes no sense 😄


Went to the tailors today...the good news is that they should be done by next Friday latest...
bad news is that I gained weight since I bought the dress instead of going down so I looked like a literal WHALE. 


Gonna stick to my diet for the next two weeks!! 😲😲😲


I did go for a run today so I feel a little this rate I'm just going to end up adding muscle to my already muscly calves because I keep running so much and then pigging out 😰


On a separate note, it was a really nice day today!

 Warm and bright out but not in a harsh or oppressive way! It also helped that it was a Friday AND the last day of AP week so we didn't do anything in most of my classes, just watch movies or have 'parties' 

(basically free periods where hopefully at least one kid was nice enough to bring a box of cookies or cupcakes or something to feed the class). 

No one brought food to any of my classes except for Mr.Newill (my micro teacher), who brought in a bag of bite sized candy and let us each take two...

Since they are so small that means you can have twice as many right??

I also managed to steal this amazing brownie-Oreo hybrid thing from my friend Sunny TEE HEE 😈😈😈

It looked kind of like this only smaller and with the Oreos on the bottom. 

It was of course, delicious.


Ok I'm gonna go watch Life of Pi with the mum now. 
I've already seen it twice but I don't mind seeing it again since it was such a gorgeous movie!
I'm not religious and even though the movie didn't "make me believe in god" (what one of the narrators claims this story will do),every time I watch this film, I am left with this peaceful, almost enlightened feeling.

I highly recommend it. It's a good family movie too! 

Ok I'm getting tired and I got plans for tomorrow! Ava gotta get her beauty rest so for now...

GOOD NIGHT! Thanks for reading!

*****Update: Just realized that emoji DOESN'T show up on blogger... T_T Instead theres just this confused symbol :( Sorry about that peeps. I guess I'll have to find some other way to be more expressive from now on -__-

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Fatty Hobo

Haizaa! Ava here :)

Just finished my run and am enjoying a nice, big glass of barley tea! Ava luuurves her barley tea!

I ran for about 30 min, walked for an hour and then ran another mile...all in all burned more than 1000 calories! At least thats what the treadmill said...I don't know why but I never feel like I can trust the numbers it gives...I think I read somewhere that it's not accurate and the number you actually burned is usually quite a bit less, especially if you are smaller/female? 


I hope thats not true! I'd like to think that I fully earned the right to eat that candy bar... -__-


Woke up at 7:00 starts at 7:20 so basically rolled out of bed and left...
I looked mad disgusting and slobbish but it was ok since I was leaving at 9 to study for my AP Micro test anyway...
You might wonder why I even bothered coming in at all but I had to since my school has this stupid new attendance policy and I've missed waayyy too many first/second periods...


No seriously this was basically me first and second periods...I looked like I probably smelled or something I was so hobo-ish 

I didn't though! I made sure to spray myself with body spray before I left..please believe me!!



Here's a random picture of the road leading up to my school...without traffic, the drive would take only about 5 minutes but right before and after school, there is ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS a long line that takes forever to get through...

Nice-ish weather though. It didn't get too warm and though it was humid, that made all the colors saturated so all the trees looked extra nice. Almost tropically? :) Ava likey.


Went back to school at like 11:30 with the sis to take the AP exam...I thought it wasn't that bad but I don't wanna jinx anything.


Whatevs, NYU doesn't accept AP credits for micro anyway.


After the exam (so like around 3:30 ish), my sis (I'm gonna call her KK on this blog from now on)and I got Coldstones!!!

For those of you poor, deprived individuals who don't know what Coldstone(s?) is, its basically fancy ice cream where they have a ton of flavors to choose from and then you add toppings and they mush it all together.  Think more fatty fro-yo where they add the toppings for you. 
Its pretty damn expensive though! I got a custom small and it ended up being like 6 bucks! Crazyy! 

I did add a lot of toppings though 


I guess its more for ice cream the Starbucks of ice cream? 

Mine was the one on the left...cake batter ice cream and mint chocolate chip ice cream with cookie dough, red velvet cake and strawberries mixed in....UGH SO DELICIOUS WANT MORE!!!

KK's was strawberry and cake batter ice cream with Oreos and cookie dough, all in a waffle cup. She said the waffle was meh but the rest of course, was dewicious X)

Closer view of my baby...the red velvet cake mixed in just takes it to a whole 'nother level! 

These were the smallest size by the way...the large is ridiculously huge, but I could've eaten a medium :D

Didn't though, because I'm 'on a diet' :3

Only 2 more weeks until prom and I haven't lost anything yet! 
Pretty sure I gained actually...I tried on my dress again today and it was definitely tighter X_X

At least I did exercise today. 
It actually wasn't too awful...I was watching House on the TV the whole time anyway so it didn't feel like too long. 

It actually left me in a pretty good mood! It's definitely true what they say about exercise and endorphins...I'm feeling super chipper now haha!

Ok this has been yet ANOTHER rambling post...sorry about that :P

I'm gonna shower now and then go to sleep. Maybe I'll reward myself with a pack of those Belvita cookie things my mom just got from Costco. 

They're supposed to be healthy(?) and they taste basically like oatmeal cookies lol so its all good :D

Okkkey Ava out! Have a nice good night!:)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Ava is a Laddoo


As you can see, my diet is going soooo well...


I was so good during school/lunch but when I came home...all that went out the window!

Pictured above is me with a big glass of chilled barley tea,  (DELICIOUS!! FAVORITE DRINK IN THE WORLD)

cong yo bing (fried scallion pancake? its an asian food) with shredded pork cooked with onions and sweet bell peppers

and a little bit left of a laddoo (a type of fatty, delicious indian sweet).

A few cadbury shortcake digestives were already in my tum at this point. 

So bad Ava! You're supposed to be on a diet!!
But so good >:D

The cong yo bing and pork were delicious (obvi since my mum cooked it) but the laddoo was only was pretty boring and one flavored but I was really craving indian sweets so whatevs. 


Btw, found this when I was online....

Funny stuffs :D

I would donate stuffs only I don't really have any A&E clothes...and I'm lazy...sorry!

But who ever made the video is pretty awesome :)


Speaking of clothes....(lookit that great transition X) )
I dressed semi-nice today again? Button up orange shirt with leggings and neon green socks....
I was also wearing a simple gold chainy thing that I like cuz its so sparkly! Adds a bit of an edge too?
And these black and gold earrings that I stole from my mum's jewelry box :P 
Not that she's even noticed...I'm pretty sure her holes have closed up too lol... Thanks mum! ; *

I also did my hair nicely(?)
IDK if you can see it in  the picture but its in this bun-ish thing. bun-ish becuase only half of its in a bun.
The other half is just kinda hanging out there...


Well I did get a few compliments on what I wore today~ 

For example my friend Rachy said I looked cute!
Haha thats one good thing about dressing like a slob...
even the most minimal effort/improvement gets noticed!

hehe well I'm already changed into my at home clothes (ratty old t-shirt and granny panties)

but if I wear a similar outfit in the future (and I definitely will b/c I basically wear the same 6 outfits on rotation -_-)
I'll put up a pic!

For now here's a pic of the earings...

Makeups all gone and hairs not the same but you get the idea...


Ya. Ok well my AP Micro(economics) test is tomorrow...
I'm feeling kinda iffy about it...I've been studying but for some reason I have a bad feeling about it 


Ah well, I'm pretty sure NYU doesn't accept AP test credits for Micro anyway :/


OH and before I go...

check out my nails!

They are this matte neon orange from essie (bright tights) with Revlon's Celestial FX on the thumb and ring finger. 

I saw them on the clearance table at shoprite the other day and picked them up...even though I told myself no more makeup for a while! Bad Ava :(

But yeah I think the combo is pretty cute!

I didn't realize the orange was matte at first  so I finished painting one hand and was about to start the other and saw the nails I had painted...
my face was literally like  


for a sec with my eyes all bugged out
until I realized what happened...
Freaked me out at first!

Ya and then I got over it and did the accent fingers. 
The glitter didn't come out that opaque though!
I had to manually fish out each piece but thats typical of polishes with glitter pieces this big I guess.

(BTW the glitters are star, crescent moon and diamond shaped in a clear base with some small holographic silver glitter in it. It dries in a decent amount of time too!)

The matte nails without the glitter top coat are already chipping though and I only painted these last night! For whatever reason, I'm pretty sure matte nail polishes are just in general more prone to chipping.  

Whatevs though I'm probably gonna end up re-doing them tomorrow or something anyway lol.

Here's a close up of the nails btw


In real life the orange is a lot less yellow. Once it dries it becomes a color pretty close to dried easy mac! Mmmm...easy mac *_*
Ava hungry again...
Ava fatty though...
Ava get back on diet tomorrow?


Only 2 weeks left till prom!! 
Oh noes!! I need to drop 5 pounds by then...
Dunno if thats gonna happen 


Ugh hate dieting, just wanna be skinny!!

C'mon all you scientists out there, invent a diet pill that works please!! 

Hehe maybe that's my life calling....
Jk I'll be too busy curing AIDS and cancer 


But first I gotta pass this Micro exam...

Which means I should probably study...

Which means I should probably stop blabbering away on this blog...



Ok Ava out! Have a good night peeps! :)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


                                                  Heyaz peeps,

Here's what I wore today!

I've made a commitment to myself to try and dress more fashionably...I don't wanna be that total slob when I get to NYU  :x ... not that this is a fashionable outfit by any means but considering how I am almost always in black leggings, uggs and some baggy sweater, its a bit nicer than normal? :D


When I asked some of my more fashionable friends how they got to be so stylish I ended up with the same conclusion...get a good wardrobe first! That means getting a bunch of stuff that can kinda all go together and then mix and match from there...
So much work though! And money....

I've decided that once I lose about another 5-10 pounds I'm going to seriously get on that ish though >:3


Speaking of losing weight...
I broke my diet today!! AGAIN!!!

AHHHH I'm so frustrated with myself!!!

It wasn't as bad as this sunday but still...I was only good for one day!! Sigh... -_-

Anyway my new plan is this...


Since I want to lose about 5 pounds by the 31st (which gives me 16 days starting tomorrow) I need to have a calorie debt of about 1,100 everyday.

Before you freak out let me elaborate...

Firstly I know that given my height and weight and age I should be having aboouuut 1,400 - 1,500 calories a day to maintain

So to have a debt of 1,100 that means eating about 300 a day...

Crazy right? Gonna tell me not to starve myself?

Well...I know its not healthy/sustainable/blah blah blah...
but the point is I dont really care.


But seriously I want to lose the weight by prom! I've heard healthy weight loss is about 2 lb a what I'm doing isn't TOO much more than that...

Plus, I've done this before.
(crazy/hardcore dieting)

Thats actually really the only way I've ever lost weight....
Which say alot about me/my discipline I know but at this point thats not that important to me!

I'll worry about healthy/maintainable weight loss AFTER prom.

So until then, heres my plan:

By May 31st have a total calorie deficit of 17,500!

So if I add 1,100 to that per day I should be good!

I'm going to try to exercise some every other day or so and that way I'll 'gain points' that I can use when I need
(like my friend's party this saturday :D )

I'm aiming to exercise what averages out to be 250 calories per day.(so if I exercise every other day, I need to burn 500 cal per workout, which is pretty doable)

The reason I'm putting all this up online is two-fold...

number one, it'll give me more motivation to stick to it when I know I made a commitment in front of the whole world (cuz the whole world TOTALLY reads my blog/gives a crap what I have to say :D)

and number two, hopefully as I track how I do each day, if someone else trying to lose weight is trying to work out how they will meet their goals, they can read about my plans/results and it might help them?

OH and btw here are my statistics...
I am around 109 lb? I've heard you're body holds about 6-7 lb of food and when I was hard dieting before, the lowest weight I got to was 103.8 (This was on May 12th I think?) . At that point I had like no food belly and after I TOTALLY broke and binged that day, the highest my weight got to was like 110.4 lb! (This was a bit extreme b/c I obviously didn't gain 7lb of actual weight...when I was at 103.8 that wasn't my "real weight"; I had no food inside me adding to that weight. So for now my estimation of my "real weight" (what I would be when I'm  not dieting or binging but eating normally) is probably 108-109ish. 

By May 31st, I want to be around 100 
(so real weight would be 105 ish. )

(I guess I should have put this at the beginning of this post but I'm too lazy to fix that now :P)

So....ya. Thats the plan. I'll keep you posted on how it goes! As I type this I'm like 107 pounds but thats not with a completely full food belly since I really didn't eat anything yesterday so the only food in me is the stuff I ate today (so there isn't much food in my intestines/digestive stuffs, only what made it into my stomach today) Hopefully by tomorrow I'll be in the 105 range? Find out tomorrow!


For now, I think I might go run for a bit to get a head start on that burn 250 cal a day thing or maybe get to my hw...or take a nap lulz :D

Okk thats enough rambling for today! Me outtie!


***update: sooo I kept eating after I posted this and am at like 109 right now... X_X 
words can't even describe how horrible I feel about myself...

 Here's a picture of me in shame :(

Well at least its good motivation to go really hard tomorrow and then stick to it for the next 2 weeks? Hopefully by the end of tomorrow I'll be at 105.8

Fingers crossed! XXXXXXX

Ok I guess I should actually do some homework before I pass out... Night :/

P.S. Food belly says night too!
....stupid foodbelly no one likes you!Go awayyyy T_T
Lulz ok peace peeps!