Friday, May 17, 2013


Heyy it's Ava!

Lookit that nice green grass...

I'm writing this from my phone!! Downloaded the blogger app so now I can blog even without my Mac! 😁😁


My posts will now be that much more expressive haha 😙

I'm watching this music video DVD thing by Yanni on our projector. He's a piano player but he plays with an orchestra and synthesizers/electronic stuffs. Idk what his genre is officially called lol. I've listened to his music all my life since my dads a big fan of his...never realized how good looking he is!! 😳😳 He totally pulls off the long hair😍😍😏

Ahh he really is quite talented though...all instrumental but still quite dynamic and exciting! I recommend you check him out! His earlier, more 'classic' stuff is better in my opinion. His newer stuff is more synthesized and kinda meh 😕.


Hehe some pics of Yanni...I think he's Greek? He was popular back in the 90s I think so now he's a bit older and rounder haha but he's still pretty. But in more of a funny, furry teddy bear way? Haha sorry if that makes no sense 😄


Went to the tailors today...the good news is that they should be done by next Friday latest...
bad news is that I gained weight since I bought the dress instead of going down so I looked like a literal WHALE. 


Gonna stick to my diet for the next two weeks!! 😲😲😲


I did go for a run today so I feel a little this rate I'm just going to end up adding muscle to my already muscly calves because I keep running so much and then pigging out 😰


On a separate note, it was a really nice day today!

 Warm and bright out but not in a harsh or oppressive way! It also helped that it was a Friday AND the last day of AP week so we didn't do anything in most of my classes, just watch movies or have 'parties' 

(basically free periods where hopefully at least one kid was nice enough to bring a box of cookies or cupcakes or something to feed the class). 

No one brought food to any of my classes except for Mr.Newill (my micro teacher), who brought in a bag of bite sized candy and let us each take two...

Since they are so small that means you can have twice as many right??

I also managed to steal this amazing brownie-Oreo hybrid thing from my friend Sunny TEE HEE 😈😈😈

It looked kind of like this only smaller and with the Oreos on the bottom. 

It was of course, delicious.


Ok I'm gonna go watch Life of Pi with the mum now. 
I've already seen it twice but I don't mind seeing it again since it was such a gorgeous movie!
I'm not religious and even though the movie didn't "make me believe in god" (what one of the narrators claims this story will do),every time I watch this film, I am left with this peaceful, almost enlightened feeling.

I highly recommend it. It's a good family movie too! 

Ok I'm getting tired and I got plans for tomorrow! Ava gotta get her beauty rest so for now...

GOOD NIGHT! Thanks for reading!

*****Update: Just realized that emoji DOESN'T show up on blogger... T_T Instead theres just this confused symbol :( Sorry about that peeps. I guess I'll have to find some other way to be more expressive from now on -__-

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