Monday, May 13, 2013

Two Kinds

Heyo Ava here!

Today was a bland day. School was meh...since we're still in the middle of AP testing most of my classes aren't doing anything...

which is fine I guess cuz it beats working but it does feel like kind of a waste... :/ 

This was basically my schedule...

Calc: do history homework

History: do some crap worksheet
Lit: listen to my teacher talk about his cat from hell (which was pretty funny but I digress...)
Lunch: look at pics of cute animals
Micro: try to review b/c the test isn't till Thursday but ended up just putting my head down and sleeping
Chinese: watch some Chinese movie about masks...?
Psych: watch Fight Club! (which is actually a really good movie but it does kinda leave you in a funk/feeling a bit twisted and dark about the world for a bit)
Gym: kickball/mill around while un-athletic people failed around me haha
Orgo: listen to my teacher talk about students he's had who have died related to drunk driving :( sad stuff man 

Then I came home, bummed around on the computer for a bit then took a nap. I love naps -w- I also have to figure out how to get emoji and pictures and gifs and others stuffs into this blog so its a bit more interesting! Haha I'll get on that soon I promise...

After my nap I ran for a bit! Yay me!! I ran a bit more than 2 miles and burned 350 calories!! Good job Ava!! Gotta fit into that prom dress in like 2 and a half weeks...    -__-

   Here's a stupid picture of me post-workout for any of you who wanna know what I look like . Are you surprised?? Do I look how I sound?? Comment below! :D

Anyway this has been a pretty stupid post again...sorry about that... I decided that there will basically be two kinds of posts from now on... daily posts about the shiz I got up to that day/recently, and specialized posts which will be more in depth posts about certain review of cosmetic products and such stuffs. Those will take more time and effort so they probably won't be too frequent but I'm gonna try! 

Ok thanks for reading! Stay fly~


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