Sunday, May 12, 2013


Heya peeps!

Wow I thought it would be so hard to motivate myself to put up posts but after seeing my blog got 2 views, I feel so motivated!!!


Thanks for viewing, whoever you are! I do wonder how you found me....comment below? Or is that not set up yet...haha sorry if it isn't...I'll eventually get to it? ;D

Also while my fingers are still moving I would like to give a shoutout to a certain someone...

Ellen Nakamura!

She undoubtably has no idea who I am but I know who she is! >:D
Lol jk I'm not a creeper...?

She is a blogger whom I have been reading for quite a while now...I really like her style and her simple and fun way of writing is one of the things that inspired me to do some of my own! Hence this blog :)
There are other blogs I like but for now I'll just mention her. Here's her blog link btw:

Read her's! And mine please :)

Ok I'm gonna go to sleep soon but before I do let me recount what I did today...after all this blog is supposed to be about something right??

Ok today I....

Got my shoes for my prom dress! (I'm a senior in high school btw since I haven't put any information up on my profile lol)


Went to get my prom dress tailored!


Found out the tailors was closed!


Went to rite aid so I could buy more makeup, chocolate and rice krispies! (the best/my favorite food in the world)

Ate the chocolate and the whole box of rice krispies! -_-

Cleaned my room....


And ate!! Ugh I'm supposed to be on an (extreme) diet to get skinny for prom but thats totally died today...I'll get back on it tomorrow? I feel so incredibly fat right now...I gained 6.2 pounds in one day! Thats alot for a person of my height! (5 feet and half an inch for anyone who wants to know...) Well I guess thats probably a lot for anyone...yeah....FURK x_x (excuse my french :D)

Ok well this post has been just a bunch of nonsense sorry...basically I ate my brains out and now feel incredibly guilty...I'll be good for the rest of the week though! K ciao me sleepy!


P.S.  I realize my blog is completely devoid of pictures! Sorry I'll get on that ish when I'm not so tired! I know modern peeps love their visuals

P.P.S. I also realize that the style of this blog has been very similar to Ellens! Sorry if thats not ok with anyone, it just flows so easily this way? Not that I care too much what anyone besides Ellen herself thinks lol and she doesn't even know this blog exists haha! So I guess I'm good :) besides imitation is the highest form of flattery and all that right?

P.P.P.S.  this last ps is for myself in the future if I look back on this: Ava get yo stuff together! You want to be skinny right?? Or at least normal sized! So stop shoving food in your mouth, or craving food and remember how gross and crappy you felt after eating so much on mother's day! DRINK WATAH!
K ciao for realsies. I'll get to all the other crap I want to share about my life some other time/post. This has been good enough for one day!

Oh yeah and for anyone who was kind enough to read this entire post of blabber....
file:///Users/Akavi/Downloads/me-right-now-tbh.html  !!!

SOOOO FRICKIN CUTE!!!!! (I kinda have an obsession with anything fuzzy btw so expect more adorbs fuzzballs in the future!) K night for reals!

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