Thursday, May 16, 2013

Fatty Hobo

Haizaa! Ava here :)

Just finished my run and am enjoying a nice, big glass of barley tea! Ava luuurves her barley tea!

I ran for about 30 min, walked for an hour and then ran another mile...all in all burned more than 1000 calories! At least thats what the treadmill said...I don't know why but I never feel like I can trust the numbers it gives...I think I read somewhere that it's not accurate and the number you actually burned is usually quite a bit less, especially if you are smaller/female? 


I hope thats not true! I'd like to think that I fully earned the right to eat that candy bar... -__-


Woke up at 7:00 starts at 7:20 so basically rolled out of bed and left...
I looked mad disgusting and slobbish but it was ok since I was leaving at 9 to study for my AP Micro test anyway...
You might wonder why I even bothered coming in at all but I had to since my school has this stupid new attendance policy and I've missed waayyy too many first/second periods...


No seriously this was basically me first and second periods...I looked like I probably smelled or something I was so hobo-ish 

I didn't though! I made sure to spray myself with body spray before I left..please believe me!!



Here's a random picture of the road leading up to my school...without traffic, the drive would take only about 5 minutes but right before and after school, there is ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS a long line that takes forever to get through...

Nice-ish weather though. It didn't get too warm and though it was humid, that made all the colors saturated so all the trees looked extra nice. Almost tropically? :) Ava likey.


Went back to school at like 11:30 with the sis to take the AP exam...I thought it wasn't that bad but I don't wanna jinx anything.


Whatevs, NYU doesn't accept AP credits for micro anyway.


After the exam (so like around 3:30 ish), my sis (I'm gonna call her KK on this blog from now on)and I got Coldstones!!!

For those of you poor, deprived individuals who don't know what Coldstone(s?) is, its basically fancy ice cream where they have a ton of flavors to choose from and then you add toppings and they mush it all together.  Think more fatty fro-yo where they add the toppings for you. 
Its pretty damn expensive though! I got a custom small and it ended up being like 6 bucks! Crazyy! 

I did add a lot of toppings though 


I guess its more for ice cream the Starbucks of ice cream? 

Mine was the one on the left...cake batter ice cream and mint chocolate chip ice cream with cookie dough, red velvet cake and strawberries mixed in....UGH SO DELICIOUS WANT MORE!!!

KK's was strawberry and cake batter ice cream with Oreos and cookie dough, all in a waffle cup. She said the waffle was meh but the rest of course, was dewicious X)

Closer view of my baby...the red velvet cake mixed in just takes it to a whole 'nother level! 

These were the smallest size by the way...the large is ridiculously huge, but I could've eaten a medium :D

Didn't though, because I'm 'on a diet' :3

Only 2 more weeks until prom and I haven't lost anything yet! 
Pretty sure I gained actually...I tried on my dress again today and it was definitely tighter X_X

At least I did exercise today. 
It actually wasn't too awful...I was watching House on the TV the whole time anyway so it didn't feel like too long. 

It actually left me in a pretty good mood! It's definitely true what they say about exercise and endorphins...I'm feeling super chipper now haha!

Ok this has been yet ANOTHER rambling post...sorry about that :P

I'm gonna shower now and then go to sleep. Maybe I'll reward myself with a pack of those Belvita cookie things my mom just got from Costco. 

They're supposed to be healthy(?) and they taste basically like oatmeal cookies lol so its all good :D

Okkkey Ava out! Have a nice good night!:)

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