Thursday, May 22, 2014

Home, diary day 1

Charmins and greenery. This is the life.

Starting weight this morning: 113.4
Highest: 114.8
Lowest bedtime: 112.4

My day:
Overall beautiful, rich vibrant and luscious outside! Soft air (rained later), good midrange temperature.

Slept in till 1
Dentist checkup
Went to library, Costco (dad)
Watched British comedy shows with la mere, then part of Identity Theft (or The Identity Thief?) till she fell asleep (kk wif la bf)
Then ran (2 30's, one walking = burned 1075)
LONG BATH = clean hair and black water
read entire Sookie stack house book till 730 am
And now sleep. Night y'all!

Ava out zzzzzzz

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Fay (Chang) Da

Heyaz peeps,

Today's gonna be a real short post, barely gotten any sleep in like the past two days because I've had two big papers due.

Just wanted to keep up with my 100 days of happiness:

Day 2- February 25:

Went jogging again, felt pretty damn good!
Forgot to take a picture of the workout stats, so this is one from when I went running last Friday

I've been so much though recently 

Microwave edamame

So green! But texture was pretty off :/

A cup full of ice cream on Sunday

Big dinner Tuesday (this was like half of what I ate)

Scored a free piece of torrone (spelling?)

Part of my bagel with butter, cream cheese, jam

Late night junk food run (lots of chocolate not pictured), god my eating habits disgust me -_-

Day 3-February 26:
Pulled an all nighter to finally finish my paper!!!

God, felt so good to walk out of that class :)
Also, it makes me so happy to walk out of smelly stagnant calc class (especially when I dip early X3 ) into the midday sun and chilly air. Much refresh, yes!
I had and hour free between clubs, so squeezed in a nap.

Slept in one of the top levels of bobst, back to the sun. Was niiiiice :) 

One of the club meetings was essentially free food, made paper cranes and inhaled a bunch of Asian goodies! Tried egg tarts for the first time, not overly impressed :/ Also learned pineapple bun = melon bun

Also bought a cheap dorayaki from a grocery store to try for the first time.
Was very yum yum
Awwwl gone >:))

K I've got another club meeting at 10:30, gonna try to squeeze in another nap before then XO

Til next time,

P.S. Came across a surprisingly beautiful view in one of the kimmel staircases, was a nice little space 

Dat skyline doe.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Dat catchup

Hey guys how ya been

Currently eating a very average red velvet whoopie pie from the Sweets food truck. For two dollars, definitely would not recommend :/

Haven't been going out much, been busy with work and club stuff as I'm tryinggg to get more involved in the NYU community -_-

Yesterday I did check out Sunrise Mart off  St. Marks though! They had lots of Asian/Japanese goodies, the premade food and dessert section looked pretty damn edible >:D 

I bough sakura mochi and Meiji chocoalte for the first time! They were veryyy good! 

Wagashi and tea, mmmm :)

The sakura flavor was quite noticeable, though it was surprisingly fruity for a flower?? Idk, was delish.

Gotta say... Meiji > Hershey any day haha 

This weekend has been all work, club, work, work. It's too much effort to find others to eat with so I've been eating by myself in the dining halls and making miso in the dorms


Add those Mr. Kim rice crackers for extra carby-ness :)

Recently the 3rd North dining hall had been upping their dessert game. This cake was heaaavenly :)) 

Yum yum

Ok, I have a lot of work to get to so I'll end with the following announcement...

I signed up for the 100 Day of Happiness Challenge!
I was planning on posting my pictures on Facebook, but I think I'll do it on this blog as well/instead, as motivation to blog regularly :)

Day 1: February 24
Sipping hot, sweet green tea in cold chem lecture at 8 in the morning :)

Kk peace


P.S. Here's cute pic that made me smile

Ha ha ha

Monday, February 17, 2014

Vive Le President!

Hey y'all!

Phoneception what (+ goofy eyes)

How's everyone's day off been? At least I hope you got a day off haha.
 I've actually basically been off since Thursday till Tuesday since my Thursday and Friday mandatory classes got cancelled, Monday is a holiday and I don't have class on Tuesdays! 
Go snow + college schedules!! :)) 
I've had a lot of work though...or rather I still have a lot of work X_X  
Ah well, I'll deal with it somehow...

Anyway this weekend had been kinda chill, spent a while on club stuff and socializing

It was my friends birthday this Sunday so we took him out to dinner at a nearby restaurant/pub called The Smith.

Haha table looks so small! Birthday boys in white.

Nice atmosphere, very cool yet classic young adult feel if that makes sense haha. Was a bit loud though, not the best place to chat.

Food was good, me and two others got burgers, birthday boy got steak and one person got chicken pot pie I think since they were ill. 

I hadn't had meat in so long so the burger really hit the spot! Fries were good, way more than I could handle though! The highlight was definitely the ketchup though, so fresh and tomato-y??! Wish I had gotten the name down so I can buy it for home lol. It was a kinda hipster/organic looking bottle if that helps 

I did give my friend a gift, homemade mochi stuffed with frozen mango!
I forgot to take pictures till the end though. It may not look like much but the texture of the mochi was spot on, I think!
Haha I've gotten quite good at microwaving and kneading the dough to perfection :P
Handmade box out of paper too lulz (poor college student life)

*side note, I've been playing around with adding filters directly to iPhone pictures. I didn't know the iPhone camera could do that!! It makes editing pics so much easier for lazy people like me haha

This (Monday) morning my parents actually came into the city from Bridgewater (New Jersey, about 1.5 hours away) since my mom couldn't hear my sister on the phone..?? Lol idk, I didn't really get it but my sister has been a little sick and coughy for the past week..?
 Anyway, they came with hot, fresh ginger tea!! Was sooo good, heats you up from within :))

The sis had class and left after talking a bit, but me and the parents got lunch at a nearby place called St. Alps Teahouse.
I forgot to take pictures till after most had been eaten though -_-

Ordered: Fried pork and chive umplings, chicken sliders, crispy spring rolls, condensed milk toast (sooo good!!), taro bubble tea with red bean, mint hot chocolate, vegetable curry and some chicken on rice dish

Mmm dumplings
MMMM TOAST!! even though it looks kinda soggy in this pic

Aw cute, the parents

The sis and I went out again at night for froyo from 16 handles 
Left: mine      Right: hers
Again, forgot to take pics till we had started eating and it was all melty :(

Watched episode 8 of Downton Abbey while eating as usual. Apparently the season finale already came out...?? I'm not sure how the whole schedule works, I thought it was supposed to air next Sunday! Anyway, looking forward to seeing how this season ends!! 

K, I got two papers, lab work and a calc quiz to study for by Wednesday so tonight and tomorrow will be all about work!! :(
 Gotta get to it

See ya,

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Return of the King (Queen)

WELL HELLO THERE, long time no see!

Sorry about that, I've sort of forgotten about this blog for the past few months :0

I haven't been up to much, just school and typical stuff. It's too much of a hassle to try and cover what I missed during my hiatus so I'm just gonna blog as I go from here on haha. I'm aiming for maybe twice a week? Depends on how eventful of a weeks it's been lulz. 

Anyway, today hasn't been very interesting, just been doing hw/procrastination.

I'm too lazy for Instagram but I like being a little artsy now and then, so snapchat is kinda perfect ahah. 

Some pictures I took today:

Impromptu flower photoshoot whoo!

I got the orchids from a local shoprite since my big mint plant wasn't doing so well in the city.  -_- 
The orchids doing pretty well, not dead at least haha.

OH though I did say I wasn't going to cover the past (so dramatic sounding lol), I do have so more food pictures to show y'all. :D

I recently had black glutinous rice with coconut milk at a nearby asian dessert cafe, and it was damn delicious :)))

I went home the weekend after Chinese New Year for a late celebration, and decided to make it.

It was quite thick and chewy, which I prefer. More satisfying than quickly slurping it all away haha.

Coconut milk takes it to a whole nother level, many bowls were consumed :)) 

Ahh getting hungry again!! Dining hall is across the street, so much effort X0 LOL

But actually, my laziness with leaving my room has gotten prettyyyy bad...the other weekend I had a lot of work and literally just lived off rice cakes I made in microwave...
Lmfao limited space much?

So easy, mochiko: just add water (and nuke!)

Somehow managed to make authentic tasting sweet sesame filling

Haha taken off of snapchat :) 

It was pretty damn good considering the only legit ingredient I had was the mochiko :P the sugar was powdered and the sesame paste wasn't sweetened.

I made mango mochi with frozen mangos later. Was alright, texture was a bit off though.

Daamn tummys rumbling, time to hit the dining hall/ make more rice cakes -_-

Ahh I'm turning into such a blob, freshman 15 is a real thing yo! XO 

Kk time for me to sign off, this has been a long post! Future ones will be much shorter though I'm sure, since I'm lazy...


Kk, Ava out!