Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Ava is a Laddoo


As you can see, my diet is going soooo well...


I was so good during school/lunch but when I came home...all that went out the window!

Pictured above is me with a big glass of chilled barley tea,  (DELICIOUS!! FAVORITE DRINK IN THE WORLD)

cong yo bing (fried scallion pancake? its an asian food) with shredded pork cooked with onions and sweet bell peppers

and a little bit left of a laddoo (a type of fatty, delicious indian sweet).

A few cadbury shortcake digestives were already in my tum at this point. 

So bad Ava! You're supposed to be on a diet!!
But so good >:D

The cong yo bing and pork were delicious (obvi since my mum cooked it) but the laddoo was only was pretty boring and one flavored but I was really craving indian sweets so whatevs. 


Btw, found this when I was online....

Funny stuffs :D

I would donate stuffs only I don't really have any A&E clothes...and I'm lazy...sorry!

But who ever made the video is pretty awesome :)


Speaking of clothes....(lookit that great transition X) )
I dressed semi-nice today again? Button up orange shirt with leggings and neon green socks....
I was also wearing a simple gold chainy thing that I like cuz its so sparkly! Adds a bit of an edge too?
And these black and gold earrings that I stole from my mum's jewelry box :P 
Not that she's even noticed...I'm pretty sure her holes have closed up too lol... Thanks mum! ; *

I also did my hair nicely(?)
IDK if you can see it in  the picture but its in this bun-ish thing. bun-ish becuase only half of its in a bun.
The other half is just kinda hanging out there...


Well I did get a few compliments on what I wore today~ 

For example my friend Rachy said I looked cute!
Haha thats one good thing about dressing like a slob...
even the most minimal effort/improvement gets noticed!

hehe well I'm already changed into my at home clothes (ratty old t-shirt and granny panties)

but if I wear a similar outfit in the future (and I definitely will b/c I basically wear the same 6 outfits on rotation -_-)
I'll put up a pic!

For now here's a pic of the earings...

Makeups all gone and hairs not the same but you get the idea...


Ya. Ok well my AP Micro(economics) test is tomorrow...
I'm feeling kinda iffy about it...I've been studying but for some reason I have a bad feeling about it 


Ah well, I'm pretty sure NYU doesn't accept AP test credits for Micro anyway :/


OH and before I go...

check out my nails!

They are this matte neon orange from essie (bright tights) with Revlon's Celestial FX on the thumb and ring finger. 

I saw them on the clearance table at shoprite the other day and picked them up...even though I told myself no more makeup for a while! Bad Ava :(

But yeah I think the combo is pretty cute!

I didn't realize the orange was matte at first  so I finished painting one hand and was about to start the other and saw the nails I had painted...
my face was literally like  


for a sec with my eyes all bugged out
until I realized what happened...
Freaked me out at first!

Ya and then I got over it and did the accent fingers. 
The glitter didn't come out that opaque though!
I had to manually fish out each piece but thats typical of polishes with glitter pieces this big I guess.

(BTW the glitters are star, crescent moon and diamond shaped in a clear base with some small holographic silver glitter in it. It dries in a decent amount of time too!)

The matte nails without the glitter top coat are already chipping though and I only painted these last night! For whatever reason, I'm pretty sure matte nail polishes are just in general more prone to chipping.  

Whatevs though I'm probably gonna end up re-doing them tomorrow or something anyway lol.

Here's a close up of the nails btw


In real life the orange is a lot less yellow. Once it dries it becomes a color pretty close to dried easy mac! Mmmm...easy mac *_*
Ava hungry again...
Ava fatty though...
Ava get back on diet tomorrow?


Only 2 weeks left till prom!! 
Oh noes!! I need to drop 5 pounds by then...
Dunno if thats gonna happen 


Ugh hate dieting, just wanna be skinny!!

C'mon all you scientists out there, invent a diet pill that works please!! 

Hehe maybe that's my life calling....
Jk I'll be too busy curing AIDS and cancer 


But first I gotta pass this Micro exam...

Which means I should probably study...

Which means I should probably stop blabbering away on this blog...



Ok Ava out! Have a good night peeps! :)

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