Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Hello blogosphere! At long last I have finally started my own blog! Yay me ^_^
This blog will consists of mainly two things: 'beauty' stuffs, and my life stuffs.
The main reasons why I am creating this blog are:

  • I love beauty stuffs but my sissy and fam aren't really into it so I have decided to talk to the internet (and any readers? 0.0) instead :) 
  • I want to improve my writing ability/ hopefully start to be a more creative person. I think that no matter what you were born with talent wise, to become good at it you've got to practice! Hopefully by consistently doing something creative, it will become a more natural thing.
  • Be more social ( least better at expressing myself with other people; sharing thoughts with the internet is one step closer to sharing with other people right??)
  • Give back to the amazing world of interwebs! I consult the internet for such a wide variety of things, from homework to the most random things (including how to open smart water bottles lol)  There have been so many times where I need some bit of information or advice and the internet has been able to help! How did those seemingly unimportant and trivial bits of information get out there? Because someone else took the trouble to post it! Now its time for me to start giving back and putting up the little random bits of information I've collected online! For example, to open a smart water bottle that has one of those fancy "sports caps", there is a plastic tab you have to rip off! It took me way too long to figure that one out but hey...its not on the wrapper! 
  • Have someone to talk to about my problems/somewhere I can let it out (I know this is kinda like dumping my problems on random strangers but when I am upset I always wish I could find someone who felt the way I did and maybe at least one person will find that in my blog)
  • Getting help with my problems (this kind of ties into the previous one but basically maybe I can help others and they can help me? I wanna talk to others about how I feel)
  • to be continued.
I would also like to add that this is constantly a work in progress! I'm not sure exactly what I mean but I think I needed to say that? I'm naturally a lazy person and I keep making excuses that what I'm writing isn't good enough so I might as well stop -but I'm sure not every blog I've grown to love reading started out that awesome! (at least thats what I'll tell myself...) Everyone has got to start somewhere and for you Ava, that means now! Yayyyy ;D Now press...PUBLISH! 

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