Thursday, August 29, 2013


Hey blogosphere! Whats up?? :D Wow I guess I totally abandoned this blog for a while; I got lazy. Sorry about that! Since my last post, lots of things have happened! I guess I'll make a list? 

-Prom! It was nice :) good food, nice people, AND I fitted into my dress!
From L-R: My sis' date, sis, me, my date

-Prom weekend at Seaside. Basically all the seniors from my school rent houses at Seaside and have a good time ;)

At the beach
matching henna tattoos!

Being silly with friends/the sis

-Graduation. I reached the end of high school! I actually wasn't too sad since I knew I would hang out with the people I actually liked during summer break haha. Sorry if that sounds cold! It's not like I hated hs or anything, it was just...whatever. I guess I never got all that emotionally attached.

Aww the parents got us roses!

-ISRAEL!!This one deserves extra emphasis lol. Me, my sister and my dad spent about 2 weeks in Israel visiting all the major holy sites! I'm actually not religious but it was still pretty incredible to see the actual places where all these things 'happened'. (Btw sorry if those quotations marks offend anyone! I believe what I want to believe and you are free to do the same)I also learned a lot about the history and major events in Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

I'll probably put up a separate post some time later with more pics. My dad took hundreds! I didn't take that many with my phone but here's a few of the ones that were on it!

The Three Religions
Tel Aviv

Israel has so many beautiful beaches!

And such fresh, 'real' tasting food! I don't think I ate a single thing in Israel that wasn't delicious, even if it wasn't suited to my tastes!

Old Aqueduct

Wailing Wall

-Adirondacks & Catskills. After the Israel trip, the whole fam went on a short road trip up to the Adirondack Mountains in NY. It was super pretty and we did a bit of hiking.
We spent like 2 days doing that and then went ziplining in the Catskills on the way back to Jersey. It was so much fun! Very safe too, though it looked kinda scary. Had to practically drag my mom the first time since she kept wanting to back out haha. 
It was very expensive (like $200 per person!) but it makes for a great family trip :)

     Adirondack part of the trip: 


Brunch at a local diner


Beautiful Scenery <33

pretty wildflowers everywhere

Rubies! Discarded pieces from a local mine

abandoned ski-lift cart

The fam-fam

silly pops!

Ava is excited! :D

Mummy is not :(

being silly on the ski ride up

getting suited up!

beautiful view of the first part of the course!

It wasn't so scary after all!
Mummy is relived ^_^

action shot of mum and pops!

                                                        I HEART YOU BERRY MUCH!


I'm now a freshman at New York University! Yay :)
I moved in on sunday and classes start this coming tuesday. In between is welcome week for freshmen. Basically there are a ton of events, free food and parties all week long. It's been pretty good; met a lot of people and they seem pretty chill in general. My roomies cool too and I think we'll get along just fine. All the socializing is taking a bit of a toll on me, who is used to people who totally get me and take zero effort to hang out with lol. I get the feeling I've been coming off as kinda awkward sometimes -__-; Oh well, hopefully as time goes on things will get better? Stay positive Ava!! 

I don't have a good picture of the room yet since its not fully set up and pimped out but I will soon!

Well this has been a pretty crappy summary post but I just wanted to get the ball rolling again. Hopefully as I keep posting I'll convey a better idea of what my life has been like? If I keep posting that is haha :P

Ava out!

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