Saturday, February 15, 2014

Return of the King (Queen)

WELL HELLO THERE, long time no see!

Sorry about that, I've sort of forgotten about this blog for the past few months :0

I haven't been up to much, just school and typical stuff. It's too much of a hassle to try and cover what I missed during my hiatus so I'm just gonna blog as I go from here on haha. I'm aiming for maybe twice a week? Depends on how eventful of a weeks it's been lulz. 

Anyway, today hasn't been very interesting, just been doing hw/procrastination.

I'm too lazy for Instagram but I like being a little artsy now and then, so snapchat is kinda perfect ahah. 

Some pictures I took today:

Impromptu flower photoshoot whoo!

I got the orchids from a local shoprite since my big mint plant wasn't doing so well in the city.  -_- 
The orchids doing pretty well, not dead at least haha.

OH though I did say I wasn't going to cover the past (so dramatic sounding lol), I do have so more food pictures to show y'all. :D

I recently had black glutinous rice with coconut milk at a nearby asian dessert cafe, and it was damn delicious :)))

I went home the weekend after Chinese New Year for a late celebration, and decided to make it.

It was quite thick and chewy, which I prefer. More satisfying than quickly slurping it all away haha.

Coconut milk takes it to a whole nother level, many bowls were consumed :)) 

Ahh getting hungry again!! Dining hall is across the street, so much effort X0 LOL

But actually, my laziness with leaving my room has gotten prettyyyy bad...the other weekend I had a lot of work and literally just lived off rice cakes I made in microwave...
Lmfao limited space much?

So easy, mochiko: just add water (and nuke!)

Somehow managed to make authentic tasting sweet sesame filling

Haha taken off of snapchat :) 

It was pretty damn good considering the only legit ingredient I had was the mochiko :P the sugar was powdered and the sesame paste wasn't sweetened.

I made mango mochi with frozen mangos later. Was alright, texture was a bit off though.

Daamn tummys rumbling, time to hit the dining hall/ make more rice cakes -_-

Ahh I'm turning into such a blob, freshman 15 is a real thing yo! XO 

Kk time for me to sign off, this has been a long post! Future ones will be much shorter though I'm sure, since I'm lazy...


Kk, Ava out!

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