Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hidden Gems

>>> Print ('Hello World!')

Hello World!

Haha computer programming reference ;D

What is up guys?? 

Haha this might have to be my new signature pose...

I've been steadily getting busier...I've only had 3 days of class and already it feels like the work is piling up!
I'm really trying to stay ahead, and I know the course can't be thaaat insanely difficult, but some of the stuff I've heard is starting to scare me... 


For example, my Calc 1 class's teacher started off the very first lecture by saying how difficult his class was! For half an hour!
I've taken Calc before too, but I can't help worrying...


Plus, my lit class has me reading from the Torah.


I mean ya it's translated into old english but still...
It's a big gap from the last book I read 
(Sookie Stackhouse volume #15 billion or something lol)

I guess that's why its called education, not entertainment.

Anyway, I've been feeling kinda depressed these last few days...
being away from home and beautiful GREEN Jersey, missing my close friends and all the busy, guarded, (and some creepy!) people in New York was a bit intimidating. :(

I also hadn't really made any close friends at school and the few people I had kinda gotten to know better didn't seem to really mesh with my personality :/

Plus, there was the academic pressure of succeeding at NYU and making the best out of the 60K my parents were paying...

In other words, life in the Big Apple was starting to get to me!

However, today, things got a bit better:
I met some really nice people!

(as in I met many nice people at different points during the day)

They weren't all like Mother Teresa's or anything, and they certainly didn't all have the same personality or appearance, but they were just really warm and accepting to me!

It made me think what went differently today that I would 'hit the people jack pot' so many times in one day.

Was it...the clothes I was wearing?
Nope, my wardrobe is extremely limited and I've worn everything in it maany times haha.

Was it....the way I had done my makeup??
NOPE, my makeup was at various different stages when I met all these people.

Was it...the fact that I had brushed my teeth super well this morning??!!


What I think it was, was the way I had presented myself;
I showed my happy, open self to them, and they responded in kind!

 Not to be corny or anything, but I basically treated them the way I would have wanted to be treated. :)

I was (hopefully) fun and pleasant to be around, and they did the same right back!!

Ahaha I guess this is probably super obvious and silly sounding to some some, and I have of course heard this before...
but I guess this was a bit of a wakeup call :)

I'm gonna try to remember to be this was more often 




Well this is a bit awkward...what to say next, after such a life changing revaluation??! XD

Well I do need to shower so I guess I'll end with this lovely picture:



- Ava

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