Monday, February 24, 2014

Dat catchup

Hey guys how ya been

Currently eating a very average red velvet whoopie pie from the Sweets food truck. For two dollars, definitely would not recommend :/

Haven't been going out much, been busy with work and club stuff as I'm tryinggg to get more involved in the NYU community -_-

Yesterday I did check out Sunrise Mart off  St. Marks though! They had lots of Asian/Japanese goodies, the premade food and dessert section looked pretty damn edible >:D 

I bough sakura mochi and Meiji chocoalte for the first time! They were veryyy good! 

Wagashi and tea, mmmm :)

The sakura flavor was quite noticeable, though it was surprisingly fruity for a flower?? Idk, was delish.

Gotta say... Meiji > Hershey any day haha 

This weekend has been all work, club, work, work. It's too much effort to find others to eat with so I've been eating by myself in the dining halls and making miso in the dorms


Add those Mr. Kim rice crackers for extra carby-ness :)

Recently the 3rd North dining hall had been upping their dessert game. This cake was heaaavenly :)) 

Yum yum

Ok, I have a lot of work to get to so I'll end with the following announcement...

I signed up for the 100 Day of Happiness Challenge!
I was planning on posting my pictures on Facebook, but I think I'll do it on this blog as well/instead, as motivation to blog regularly :)

Day 1: February 24
Sipping hot, sweet green tea in cold chem lecture at 8 in the morning :)

Kk peace


P.S. Here's cute pic that made me smile

Ha ha ha

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