Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Fay (Chang) Da

Heyaz peeps,

Today's gonna be a real short post, barely gotten any sleep in like the past two days because I've had two big papers due.

Just wanted to keep up with my 100 days of happiness:

Day 2- February 25:

Went jogging again, felt pretty damn good!
Forgot to take a picture of the workout stats, so this is one from when I went running last Friday

I've been so much though recently 

Microwave edamame

So green! But texture was pretty off :/

A cup full of ice cream on Sunday

Big dinner Tuesday (this was like half of what I ate)

Scored a free piece of torrone (spelling?)

Part of my bagel with butter, cream cheese, jam

Late night junk food run (lots of chocolate not pictured), god my eating habits disgust me -_-

Day 3-February 26:
Pulled an all nighter to finally finish my paper!!!

God, felt so good to walk out of that class :)
Also, it makes me so happy to walk out of smelly stagnant calc class (especially when I dip early X3 ) into the midday sun and chilly air. Much refresh, yes!
I had and hour free between clubs, so squeezed in a nap.

Slept in one of the top levels of bobst, back to the sun. Was niiiiice :) 

One of the club meetings was essentially free food, made paper cranes and inhaled a bunch of Asian goodies! Tried egg tarts for the first time, not overly impressed :/ Also learned pineapple bun = melon bun

Also bought a cheap dorayaki from a grocery store to try for the first time.
Was very yum yum
Awwwl gone >:))

K I've got another club meeting at 10:30, gonna try to squeeze in another nap before then XO

Til next time,

P.S. Came across a surprisingly beautiful view in one of the kimmel staircases, was a nice little space 

Dat skyline doe.

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