Thursday, May 22, 2014

Home, diary day 1

Charmins and greenery. This is the life.

Starting weight this morning: 113.4
Highest: 114.8
Lowest bedtime: 112.4

My day:
Overall beautiful, rich vibrant and luscious outside! Soft air (rained later), good midrange temperature.

Slept in till 1
Dentist checkup
Went to library, Costco (dad)
Watched British comedy shows with la mere, then part of Identity Theft (or The Identity Thief?) till she fell asleep (kk wif la bf)
Then ran (2 30's, one walking = burned 1075)
LONG BATH = clean hair and black water
read entire Sookie stack house book till 730 am
And now sleep. Night y'all!

Ava out zzzzzzz

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