Monday, February 17, 2014

Vive Le President!

Hey y'all!

Phoneception what (+ goofy eyes)

How's everyone's day off been? At least I hope you got a day off haha.
 I've actually basically been off since Thursday till Tuesday since my Thursday and Friday mandatory classes got cancelled, Monday is a holiday and I don't have class on Tuesdays! 
Go snow + college schedules!! :)) 
I've had a lot of work though...or rather I still have a lot of work X_X  
Ah well, I'll deal with it somehow...

Anyway this weekend had been kinda chill, spent a while on club stuff and socializing

It was my friends birthday this Sunday so we took him out to dinner at a nearby restaurant/pub called The Smith.

Haha table looks so small! Birthday boys in white.

Nice atmosphere, very cool yet classic young adult feel if that makes sense haha. Was a bit loud though, not the best place to chat.

Food was good, me and two others got burgers, birthday boy got steak and one person got chicken pot pie I think since they were ill. 

I hadn't had meat in so long so the burger really hit the spot! Fries were good, way more than I could handle though! The highlight was definitely the ketchup though, so fresh and tomato-y??! Wish I had gotten the name down so I can buy it for home lol. It was a kinda hipster/organic looking bottle if that helps 

I did give my friend a gift, homemade mochi stuffed with frozen mango!
I forgot to take pictures till the end though. It may not look like much but the texture of the mochi was spot on, I think!
Haha I've gotten quite good at microwaving and kneading the dough to perfection :P
Handmade box out of paper too lulz (poor college student life)

*side note, I've been playing around with adding filters directly to iPhone pictures. I didn't know the iPhone camera could do that!! It makes editing pics so much easier for lazy people like me haha

This (Monday) morning my parents actually came into the city from Bridgewater (New Jersey, about 1.5 hours away) since my mom couldn't hear my sister on the phone..?? Lol idk, I didn't really get it but my sister has been a little sick and coughy for the past week..?
 Anyway, they came with hot, fresh ginger tea!! Was sooo good, heats you up from within :))

The sis had class and left after talking a bit, but me and the parents got lunch at a nearby place called St. Alps Teahouse.
I forgot to take pictures till after most had been eaten though -_-

Ordered: Fried pork and chive umplings, chicken sliders, crispy spring rolls, condensed milk toast (sooo good!!), taro bubble tea with red bean, mint hot chocolate, vegetable curry and some chicken on rice dish

Mmm dumplings
MMMM TOAST!! even though it looks kinda soggy in this pic

Aw cute, the parents

The sis and I went out again at night for froyo from 16 handles 
Left: mine      Right: hers
Again, forgot to take pics till we had started eating and it was all melty :(

Watched episode 8 of Downton Abbey while eating as usual. Apparently the season finale already came out...?? I'm not sure how the whole schedule works, I thought it was supposed to air next Sunday! Anyway, looking forward to seeing how this season ends!! 

K, I got two papers, lab work and a calc quiz to study for by Wednesday so tonight and tomorrow will be all about work!! :(
 Gotta get to it

See ya,

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